Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Wordless Wednesday - Mama and her boys

It occurred to me that most of you know me and the boys but if you come over from Jen or Carrie's links you may not know me and the boys.  The other girls may not want to post pictures of their families and that is totally their choice.  I won't do it a lot, but in case you want to know who's talking way too fahking much  and who I'm always talkin' about, here we are.  

That harmless lookin' kid?  Do not be fooled.  That's the hockey enforcer.  (Please grow up to be Milan Lucic, please grow up to be Milan Lucic!).  The kid in Peter Parker glasses is Stomp.  My 10-year old supah-hero. And that's me there.  I don't even look like I'm turning 34 29 again, do I?  Careful how you answer that, I may or may not be armed!

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