Sunday, October 19, 2014

She Let Herself Go By George Straight

Ya know, y'all, since my divorce, I've really "let myself go", too.  I've let myself go on romantic getaways.  I've let myself go back to college.  I've let myself go full on Eri-Quirk.  I've let myself go every place I wanted to, let myself see that I'm totally capable of strength and independence. I've let myself get "out of control" and be 100% me, flaws and all; I've let myself fall completely in love with someone who loves 100% of me, flaws and all, too.  I've learned to trust again, especially women, and I've found the most delicious and delectable and delightful Sistahood because of that.  I've let myself uncover hobbies and interests and causes that are so important and worthwhile to me.  I'm so glad I've let myself go.  Or, as me and Boston's BFF put it, "you didn't let yourself go, Eri, you let yourself out".  Well, then, fahkin' a.

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