Saturday, October 11, 2014

A mad woman's suffering goes on a long, long, ridiculously long, time

Seeing the Winchester mystery house is actually on my bucket list.  I didn't include it in yesterday's places to visit for two reasons.  A) I assume everyone wants to see the Winchester Mystery House (actually, on our first anniversary, Boston and I took a google maps/street view date of every place I really wanted to go.  WMH was second...I do so enjoy how well that guy knows me and just how romantic and creative he is with date-planning).  2) I am deeply burdened in my heart about Sarah's madness.  The way the legend goes is that after losing her husband and the tragic death of her daughter, she slowly lost her mind and fell prey to psychics and seers who would use her pain and tell her that she was being "haunted" because of all the people killed by the Winchester rifles.  *Cue up dramatic eye rolling here, like so dramatic my eyes might plop onto the floor and roll around, prompting me to make the pun....."don't make me roll my eyes at you!"* 

So anyway, I think the Winchester house is probably wicked creepy, but I think that I personally would primarily feel an intense sadness being there.  Because I have been immensely, terribly sad over the loss of babies.  I was just lucky I wasn't rich and nobody wanted to take my money and tell me it was my family's legacy that caused it all.

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