Friday, October 10, 2014

Friday Five - Five creepy places I want to visit

As everyone's favorite and freakiest expert on serial killings, mass murders and general other weird-ass-shit, it was decided I should tackle some creepy places to visit.  Here's 5 places I think would be wicked creepy to go spend a Halloween, or any other night, in.

**Some of these may be cliche, but I'm willing to bet that some of them you've never heard of**

1.  Barker Ranch - I'm completely muthafahkin' obsessed something of a Manson-phile.  I'll just go ahead and mention that I think the sight of the Tate or LaBianca murders would probably be wicked creepy, but more because of the creepy fahks who totally aren't that different from me  who peep around that place around the anniversary of the murders or, I imagine, Halloween.  That being said, most of my readings and accounts of people who have visited the various haunts (pun totally intended) list Barker Ranch as the creepiest of all the places.  That's where Manson took his batcrap crazy followers to wait for "Helter Skelter" to come down and where he was eventually arrested, hiding like a coward in a cabinet.  I think the eeriness of the place would be ramped up by "yes, that's where the Family took that famous photo" and "yes, that is part of the truck Tex tried to escape in" and simply by the pure desolation of the place.
2.  New Orleans, LA - I'm very curious about the entire city, but especially any old plantations, mansions, or manors that are still standing.  Lots of those old places had owners that tortured their slaves and are said to still be haunted (fyi, if that happened to me or my family, I would haunt the shit outta that place).  Toss in some voodoo or seance parties and a couple of old, creepy graveyards and I am so in.
3.  Helltown, OH - This completely abandoned town is home to many tall tales and legends.  Helltown is allegedly home to all kinds of stuff, everything from normal, everyday haunted stuff like ghosts and cemeteries to Satanists and mutants.  If any of these turned out to be true, this would be a kick-ass place to visit some wicked night.  Bonus points:  The town was originally known as Boston Township (Love you, Boston!).  
4.  Willowbrook State School - Though some of this horrible "school" has been incorporated into a college, most of the buildings sit abandoned and falling down.  At one time it was a state-run institution for people with mental disabilities.  However, the "patients" were treated so horribly that various news crews went in and covered the details of the atrocities.  Public outcry called for the closing of the "school" and it was shut down in 1987.  I don't know  that the place is haunted.  But I fahking assume so.
5.  Salem MA - Boston tells me that Salem is basically one gigantic tourist trap now.  That doesn't stop me from wanting to see and feel the history and presence of the sight of  the greatest witch hunt in American history.  I don't care if you can buy "Park Your Broom Here" signs, I'm sure that there is an overall feel to that place that is downright creep-a-licious!

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