Wednesday, August 24, 2016

moving along....

I guess with Erica's post I will have to do my own thing.

I have decided to go and keep my own private journal out of the public eye.

I don't feel I do anything but complain and let out my deepest, darkest feelings here and the only person I feel benefiting from it is me. So I am off to my own personal place.

I don't know what happened with everyone else, but I understand where Erica is coming from and I wish her the BEST of luck with her new blog


I quote the genie from Aladdin ... "I'm outta here....."

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Guest Status

Hi Gang, Eri here.  It's no secret it's been pretty quiet around here.  Hell if it weren't for Cindy, no one would keep the lights on, I don't think.  I check in often and read comments but life has gotten a little whack-a-doodle and I haven't had an abundance of time to give myself here (which may make the announcement at the end a bit of a surprise).  Between being a newlywed, having TWO big boys in school, being published (and therefore churning out more writing) and attempting to get my degree in the next 3 semesters in HIMT (Health Information Medical Technology), I'm pretty much always on the run.  Some days I don't have time even for the girls of this tribe.  None of these are excuses for abandoning you, just an explanation of what life looks like 'round here lately.

THAT BEING SAID:  I need an outlet for my writing, my opinions, my feelings, my whatever, more than I ever have before. This blog is fantastic and amazing because it includes so many (wicked fahkin') talented writers from all walks of life.  So, I would never leave here totally.  This remains a great avenue and place for discussions about family, parenting, putting an end to child abuse and, of course, erasing the stigma on mental illness.  But, I am going to pull back a little further.  I will always be reachable by this blog, but as for writing, I'm going to give what little spare time I have to a project that is wholly Eri.  Irish I gave a Chuck, but I don't is going to be my new hotspot for talking about everything.  I'm a woman of many interests and a vast variety of political views, but I have never wanted to paint all my girls with one brush.  With the insanity of this election season, I've had a lot to say.  That I've mostly kept to myself.  At least once a day, ESPN calls me with sports news I'm dying to share.  I've made a daily commitment to writing and sometimes I want to be able to share that work with you.  And of course, I always want to talk about music, my family and Chuck Taylor sneakers (AMEN!).  So, come give me a shout at the new site and let me know you're there.

I don't want anyone who has reached out to us for mental health help or advice about child abuse, etc, so let me be perfectly fahkin' clear:  I will still receive emails about comments here, and obviously, at the new site.  No one is being abandoned :)  I love y'all, keep checking back here for great stuff from our other, amazing writers and maybe, occasionally a "hi" from me!

Love always,

Thursday, August 11, 2016

I am not doing well...

I feel like I am losing myself.

I feel alone, worthless and unworthy of my life.

I see people post and write about all the accomplishments their "normal" child is achieving.

While mine just likes being on his tablet, drinking apple juice and is labeled as "special".

I never expect my child to graduate at the "usual" time as other kids, I never expect him to be able to live on his own. I feel like I will never be able to feel the sense that other parents do. I feel like I am missing out on things a "normal" child would do in their life.

My kids will never be into sports, or play an instrument. They won't be in the choir or win awards. Go to college or hold a prestigious job.  AND HOLY SHIT I SPELT PRESTIGIOUS RIGHT!?

What a let down I have been to this life, this world. I can not accomplish anything. I am just another face in the crowd and I am just another nobody. If my biggest accomplishment in my life is just working my ass off and getting no where, well then it's been a waste of a life. I feel like I was suppose to be more than what I am, I am suppose to be better off.

I am just the opposite of what my dreams were.

I am fat, stupid, worthless. My kids are both "mentally disabled", my marriage is dissolving and I am a fucked up mentally bi-polar waste of space on this planet.

Why was I born? Why am I even here? Is this all that I was to become? Where did I screw up in my life to end up here? If God had this amazing plan for my life, where did I go off the path he wanted me to be on? Is there even a God? Why am I where I am today? Why did he make me the way I am? Why did he let these things happen to me to make me the way I am? Why did he make someone like me? Was I a mistake that went through the cracks? I really hope he broke the mold when he made me because I don't think the world could deal with another person like me.

I wish I was dead.

Saturday, July 30, 2016

This pisses me off.... I'm furious

Get this:

We are looking for a special family for a baby boy who is due in September 2016. Genetic testing has confirmed that the baby has Down syndrome. The expectant parents are considering adoption because they do not feel adequately prepared to care for a child with special needs. They are a Caucasian couple, in their early to mid-thirties, and have healthy backgrounds. The expectant mother has received prenatal care throughout the pregnancy and has not used drugs or alcohol. She has a college degree; the father has a high school degree.

The fetal echocardiogram at 27 weeks indicates a large ventricular septal defect with balanced AV canal and primum atrial septal defect. Most children with this diagnosis must undergo surgery to correct the defect.

The expectant parents for this baby prefer adoptive applicants who are married and heterosexual; however, they will also consider a single female applicant. They would like to have ongoing contact after placement, including regular updates and occasional in-person visits. We are seeking prospective adoptive parents with an approved home study who would be excited to welcome this child into their family.

If interested, please fill out the pre-application form.
We have a careful screening process for identifying prospective adoptive families and we review all pre-applications that are submitted. Although residing in Illinois is not a requirement, we do prioritize those families who have an approved home study by an Illinois agency.

****Ready for my rank about this?****

WTF is wrong with these parents? " not feel adequately prepared to care for a child with special needs?" I was not prepared to care for BOTH of my kids who have special needs, in fact none of that testing was done.. The parents sound selfish if you ask me.

"They would like ongoing contact after placement, including regular updates and occasional in-person visits." WHAT THE HELL FOR!? You gave this kid up! With all the surgery, therapy and specialists appointments this child will need do you think the new parents will have time to do this for you? Are you crazy! These parents are doing all the work for you and you just want to pop in like an absentee parent and say hi. The minute things get uncomfortable to you because of the child's mental/physical state you'll run off?

Suck it up idiots, you created this child, you take care of it and raise it. From my point of view you are being selfish and immature. Are you going to do this with every child you make? What if all of them will be special needs? Are you willing to take this chance every time? Do you realize most kids in need of adoption are "special needs" children no one will take. Keep your kid, love them, let them know they are loved, because if this kid is smart they will realize you threw them away because of your selfishness. From someone who had special needs children, there is no such thing as normal.

Sunday, June 12, 2016


The sun is shining,
the sky is blue,
fluffy little clouds,
are moving through.

On the outside I look,
like I'm happy and okay,
but on the inside,
there is darkness and pain.

The mask I put on,
is to keep my son safe,
there is still time for him,
but for me it's too late.

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

My struggles, my pain, my darkness.....

Who remembers.....? Remember what you ask. I don't know, I forgot.

Want to eat, no just want to be left alone, or left to sleep. 

I'll eat when I'm hungry, I'll hide in my own little world.

Put on the ear buds, lose yourself in the music.

You are numb, displaced from the world.

Hoping this will help you for a while to help you get away from your everyday struggles, but it's still there in the back of your head and won't leave.

You can't get away, you can ignore it.

You can drink until you don't hear it anymore, you can sleep to keep it at bay, but eventually you need to wake up, sober up and take off those ear buds.

Then it's just you and the dark place in the back of your head again.

You can not get away, it will always be there.

Now, I understand why people commit suicide... to stop the voices. I totally understand that. At times it will tell me I'm worthless, I'm a failure and I am an idiot. It will remind me of how I failed at a wife, failing as a mother and failing at my life. It will remind me that I will never have to deal with an "empty nest" as my kids have mental disabilities and will never be able to live on their own. It reminds me how fat and ugly I am, but at the same time tempts me with unhealthy food choices and comfort food which is not good for me. I can't not break this cycle, no matter how hard I try.

These are my demons that I hide from my friend, co-workers, boss, kids. I don't want them to see how I suffer, from depression, anxiety and my own head plotting against me. I drag myself along and struggle everyday to get through. Put on a great face to no one knows.

I posted this on face book the other day and it's very true.

And this second one was most interesting.......

Saturday, January 30, 2016

Oh my aim is deadly...

Until someone listens to me, I'm not going to stop saying it:  Little Big Town is the most underrated band in country music.  Amen.