Thursday, October 30, 2014

Can We Talk - Your loss

There's somethin' that's really been gettin' under this pretty Irish skin lately.  There are people who are bonded to you by blood or by marriage who really bring nothing to the table.  Do you ever think to yourself that it's their loss and not yours?

Let me give an example but not name any names:  There's someone who is related to me and my boys who has never made one effort to get to know them.  I've thought for a long, long time that it was their loss because HELLO, my boys are fahking fantastic.  But it was really hit home the other day.  This person was big time into all the Guinness World Record stuff.  Stomp brought home one of their books from his school library and immediately went crazy memorizing records (but can't memorize his vocabulary words fahk me)  and I thought "man, they could really bond over this shit" and my very next thought was "well y'know what fahk that, *I* TRIED when really no one else was.  Their loss.  As I get younger  er older, I apply this kind of across the board to relationships.  That doesn't mean I take relationships lightly.  On the contrary, I think I take relationships and friendships very seriously.  But when it becomes obvious I'm carrying the whole thing, the entire weight of the friendship or the relationship, I have enough sense to say "I'm out, yo".  And when it's about me, I still think it's their loss.  I'm not perfect, I have a great host of flaws that I am perfectly willing to own.  But I'm willing to give and give and give in a friendship.  And when it come to my boys, it's a clear-cut-case of their loss.  Who doesn't want to know a smart, loving, kind 10 year-old-boy (do you know rare those are these days?) or a 3 year-old hockey enforcer monkey-wannabe?

Crazy people, that's who.

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