Monday, October 6, 2014

Maniac Monday

So, today I want to talk about government and Pain. We know that the government is a pain in the ass sometimes but this is flipping ridiculous.

Yesterday I went to my pharmacy to pick up medication for my stomach and because they know me they pointed me to a flyer on changes they are making starting tomorrow on medication containing hydrocodone. I guess before I get into this I should tell you a little about me.

I joined the USAF at 19 and soon after (December 1999) I broke my back in 2 places during a training exercise. I had compression fractures at T-12 & L-1 from landing on my butt after a 20 foot fall from a repelling tower. And it hurt like hell but no one x-rayed the break so it was January before we knew the extent of the damage.

So, ANYWAY, we can fast forward tot he present day. I have degenerative disk disease and fibromyalgia all from this accident. I have only a small portion of the disk at L-5 and S-1 left and severe arthritis in my back. I cannot take Ibuprofen, NSADIS, Aspirin, or oral steroids at all so no Celebrex or Aleve is allowed. I am also allergic to gabapentin, Lyrica, & Cymbalta which are prescribed for Fibromyalgia. I went to a Spine Specialist who told me that surgery only works 50% of the time so he advises me to wait until I get much worse to attempt it. He sent me to a Pain Specialist. Now being in pain for 18 years changes your tolerance and perception on pain. I am told what would be a 10 fahking kill me now worst pain you have ever had for normal people lands at about a 6 for me. Kidney Stones are the only pain I seriously fear besides re breaking my back. The pain Doctor told me I have several options and we started out with Butrans pain patches and Norco for breakthrough pain. It isn't perfect but it makes the days more tolerable.

Beginning tomorrow I can only get my pain medication filled 1 month at a time with no refills allowed. It has to be written on a special prescription pad and has to be filled within 21 days or writing. Considering that I don't see the Dr but every 2-3 months, this is a pain in the ass. So now I have to drive to the Doctor, pay a copay, drive back to the pharmacy and pay for the prescription. All because too many fahking idiots have abused the system. There is no consideration for those of us who really need the medication to do simple basic functions. I served my country and I played by all the rules and this is the thanks I get? It really sucks. I don't yet know if this is only my pharmacy or if it is all of the pharmacies in TX but I guess I will find out during my next visit.

And this concludes my RANT on Pain Medication Regulation for patients with a documented need.

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