Saturday, October 25, 2014

Friday Five- Late

Five things I have been doing instead of blogging...

1. Being sick. First with a stomach bug and then with kidney stones & a UTI. Seriously, I cannot win for losing.

2. Fighting a wicked bout of depression.

3. Snuggling with my kids who seem to subconsciously know that I need them.

4. Sleeping. Every damn minute alone that I can. Relaxation and sleeping sometimes get the kidney stones out.

5. Fighting to overcome my addiction to Diet Coke and going through aspartame withdrawal. The struggle is real especially when you have been drinking a minimum of 32oz a day of diet soda. Water with Advocare's Spark, iced tea, & ginger ale have been my friends. Today was the first day I went to Sonic because I felt I could handle not ordering my Diet cherry coke. I had tea with lemon and sweet n low which is saccharin and not aspartame. One demon at a time y'all.

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