Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Wish Wednesday A Special edition

It isn't fair to call it Wordless Wednesday because I cannot let today go without words. Today is a very special day because it is the day that my soul sister Erica was born. You might have seen the shirt saying the reason God didn't make us sisters is because he knew our Moms couldn't handle us together? That is TOTALLY us!

I have friends. I have best friends. I have never met anyone like Erica. She is the Yin to my Yang. She is the sunshine on my dark days. I rarely go a day without talking to her at least once and if I don't hear from her, I start tracking her down. She has two beautiful, smart, handsome, lovely boys who are my nephews and I love them as my very own. This woman is my soul sister and my soul mate in a platonic way. I love her family, I love Mr. Wonderful, I love Uncle Mark, and I love and adore the Sisterhood that I have become a part of because of her.

We live quite a ways apart or I would spend the day pampering her and sugaring up the nephews. SO instead I am dedicating my Wednesday post to my bestest sister friend in the world. Happy Birthday Erica!! The boys and I love you more than words or pictures can ever tell you!

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