Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Since I am spilling my guts......

Well I've opened up a lot and I feel comfortable here. Letting others know what my life consist of is hopefully helping you know you are not alone... or that I am seriously messed up over here.

I missed work Monday due to my knee,which is the same knee I had ACL surgery on a year or so ago back. I spent the day with my son his "girl" friend Brianna and her dad at Jackson's Pumpkin Farm. I am sure you all saw the pics on my fb page. Anyhow I went to bed Sunday night just fine and woke up with a bad twinge. So I called out of work and spent most of the day with a heating pad on it and having it up.

Today I took my heating pad to work and towards the end of the day I didn't need it as much, but in the process have sucked down ibuprofen to help. I am doing better this afternoon than I was this morning. Also I am working 10 hours as many days as I can to catch up for missing Monday. Tonight I worked 10 hours... tomorrow I will try, but who knows how I will feel. Thursday will only be 1 hour I can't afford to miss any time from work.

Which leads me to this.. last Wednesday I got a summons from Wells Fargo Bank to go to court. I got a lawyer who will assist me with filing bankruptcy and as long as I can have 150 bucks up front my appt is on Wed, she will help. The next saving grace is that I could get the full fee paid off by May 2015 then I'm scott free! So, this weeks paycheck will be a little short on the Electric and Gas bill but will be made up next month once a few things are off my plate. I have 3 bills I am going to have them put on that... the Wells Fargo being number one. I am crossing my fingers and praying this is as easy as it sounds

Well here's to another week, hopefully I will have clearance for the weekend job, if not well... not gonna sweat over it and enjoy the rest.

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