Thursday, October 30, 2014

Can we talk Part 2 - Or "Please shut up, Eri"

Dr. Phil is shining a very bright light on domestic violence this year.  Today's case is of a woman who was beaten by her UFC fighter husband.  She admits that he blackened her eye, bloodied her lip and caused her to hide in the bushes where he found her and ordered her inside where she hid in the bathroom.  Until he broke the door where he continued to punch her in the head.  He is now in jail awaiting trial (I believe).  She is on Dr Phil's show not to talk about how she left but to talk about how and why she is staying.

Please understand, I know that there about a million reasons why women stay.  I do.  There's an entire twitter campaign about it.  But this woman is sitting on a worldwide stage literally laughing at the threats that this man made against her as Dr. Phil reads them.  I would like to say that I felt sorry for her, because I do.  But more than anything, I'm shocked at her cavalier attitude towards a very serious subject.  She has not only admitted to being beaten, but she has been beaten by a trained fighter in one of the most brutal sports out there.  This man needs to be stopped or she will be just another tragedy.  A woman who thought she was just standing by her man, played with her life and ultimately lost it in the charade.

Yesterday I posted this on my private Facebook .  It's gut-wrenching and contains very vivid imagery of profound emotional abuse.  It may be triggering to some.  Please don't click that link if you are still in danger.  Please don't click that link if you have not healed past the point of being triggered by something like this.  But if you are somewhere safe, if you are appropriately past the point of utter devastation, then please do read that story.  Remember that not all abuse is as physical as the abuse as I described above.  And please, God, not one more day.  Not one more woman.  There is no excuse, ever, for a man to put his hands on a woman.  EVER.  There is no excuse for a man to stand by and watch a man beat a woman.  EVER.  There is no reason for a man to belittle and emotionally abuse a woman just so he can feel like a bigger and better man.  EVER.  There may be a million reasons why a woman stays, but there are a billion reasons why she can and should leave.  And there are resources.  You'll find them below.  But please hear me, please.  Not one more woman.  Ever.

Help can be found herehere (note: this is Robin McGraw's effort against domestic violence, if you click around on that site, there is an app for your phone that provides multiple benefits including a GPS locator and something that will let you send an instant text saying that you need help to whomever you wish to contact, I cannot recommend this enough, but I don't have fancy pants enough of a phone to know how to tell you to use the app) and here.

Men: you can do better.  Women: you deserve better.  Moms: we can raise better.

Not one more woman.  EVER.

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