Friday, October 24, 2014

losing the impossible battle...

The sunshine has gone missing,
and the darkness has taken its grip.

My world is one big dark room now,
full of sadness, anxiety and fear.

I can't get away, it's everywhere,
following me around where I go.

There is no escape it will find you again,
you can run but you can't hide.

This darkness inside you,
that you've fought all of your life.

Is now coming to take you over.

I refuse to let it win and I want to fight,
the darkness my mother once had carried.

It's come for me now, since I've grow older,
as I am not as strong as I once was.

Do I give in and let it take me over as it did her?

Do I give it one last try and see if I can beat it down?

With all that's going on in my life and bringing me down,
wouldn't it just be easier to let it win and take over?

My body in pain, my knee and my shoulder,
my mental stability is at an all time low.

The people who can help me not close enough,
which makes the darkness seem all the more difficult to ignore.

I close my eyes and take what little hope I have,
to try and conjure up some light within me to survive.

But having lost all hope and in desperate despair,
I fall down and become the next victim of the darkness.

No one can save me now...

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  1. This is so gut-wrenching and still so beautifully written. Love you, Twinsie.