Thursday, October 9, 2014

My family....

My Family!

Since Erica posted a photo of her family, here is one of mine. The far left is Eric my 23 year old, in the back middle is my husband Chris and the front is Sebastian who is 8 and I am on the far right. This isn't  a very old photo so everyone look the same in it. 

It's day 4 without a day off and today at work was good. My boss and I spent an hour in her office talking. She kept telling my what a good job I am doing and how I am one of the top people in the Customer Service Department. Then my team won a challenge and we all are getting 20 bucks extra in our paychecks and I won a 10 dollar Dunkin donuts card since I was that teams leader which works for me! Will come in handy if I have no money and am hungry.

I am thankful tomorrow is Friday although I have to work the part-time weekend job this week. I have been tired lately, I think it's because we've been so busy at work it's affecting me physically. This will effectively get worse as I go along not having a day off . 

My friend Kevin leaves next Thursday to visit his mother in California for about 3 weeks. It will affect me too, I am not happy because hanging out at his place is always fun. His kids are a riot and I love how he picks on them. Don't know how I am going to manage to go that long without getting away from my everyday life. We will just have to wait and see.

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