Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Poem about feeling like everything is lost.....

The darkness is closing in,
I fear it is going to win.

Most everything I care about is gone,
and everything in my life seems to be going wrong.

With debt and bill collectors calling,
it's no wonder I go to bed bawling.

My puppy dog gone and my best friend out of town,
it's no wonder I am covered in this dark shroud.

Work life being so stressful,
not a moment of my life is restful.

Even when I sleep,
my dreams are terrible and make me weep.

What can I do, where can I go?
no matter where I hide it it will follow me though.

It's something on my inside,
that won't just let this slide.

I am just waiting for the monster,
to come out, take over and conquer.


  1. I absolutely *hate* that you're going through all this. But I *love* that you feel safe here to put your emotions out there and I also love that this place is about more than just blogging and is about poetry, too. Maybe someday I'll feel brave enough.

    You write beautifully. You do everything beautifully. You are beautiful.

    1. Erica sweetie. I used to write stories in school and then in college did poetry. It's funny how at times these things just come to me and I have to write them down... it's the easiest way I know how to write how I feel without being complicated. I feel safe because I am sure everyone has been through it and so they can relate.