Friday, November 14, 2014

Friday Five - Absurdities

Five Absurd Things Heard & Seen Around My House This Week:

1.   Joshie has decided he wants to BE "Mom".  This involves stuffing socks into his shirt giving him boobs bigger than mine and putting fuzzy socks on over his jeans and some glitter in his hair and some of my jewelry and usually a pair of my Chucks.
2.  He's also got a touch of a cough this week.  He told me it was because Phineas and Ferb were in his lungs.
3.  Mom to Joshie: "Hey hey hey, WHAT is that in your mouth?"(marshmallow we later discovered)
Joshie to Mom: "WHATEVER, YOU'RE FINE"
4.  Mom to Stomp: "Hey your brother's stuck in the couch again, can you get him out?"
5.  Stomp to Mom: "Do you want to hear my new Christmas song?  It's called "The 12 Weirdos of Christmas" and it goes "on the first day of Christmas, the robber shot at me a jar full of organs".
Mom to Stomp: "What.The.Hell."

Hi, so I haven't been here.  I haven't been here because I apparently panic at exam time and so my exam grades aren't great and I have another A&P exam on Wednesday.  So I have A&P pictures hung everywhere, flash cards literally falling out of my pants and I've begun talking to people with anatomical terms peppering the conversation.  In short, I'm not a delight right now.

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  1. Fuck them if they find you anything but delightful. You are a Supahstah! XX