Friday, November 7, 2014

Friday Five - Freestylin' it

I assume that while it's 5:20 a.m. in my house and I'm wide awake,  y'all are sleeping peacefully like little assholes  tucked in all safe and warm in your bed.  Maybe you're tucked around a stuffed animal, feeling warm and safe and happy.  Maybe, just maybe, you're so into your slumber you're snoring or drooling just a little bit.  Ahh,those were the days!  So then...

Five Things Bitchy ... Er Stabby  Er...Uh... Eri is Doing Instead of Getting Sleep, Glorious Sleep:

1.  Studying - I really underestimated how much would go into these online courses.  I'm memorizing facial bones, facial and neck muscle, cranial nerves and tissue types.  That's just for A&P.   The computer science course IS extremely easy but it's also incredibly time consuming.  The skills that are involved require you to do the most basic of skills but you have to carefully go through every instruction which always includes at least a 40 minute video plus 10 or 15 skills you have to complete out of the text book.  These skills always begin with the "no shit rule": "Open the file.  Rename the file if you haven't.  And it always ends "make sure to save your work".  Huh, REALLY?! WHO KNEW?!

2.  Running a household.  If I don't get it done now, it will literally never get done because "FFFFS" that's why.  People need to let go of their expectations of me for the next several months.  I am only ONE person trying to raise two boys who have issues of their own that only Mama can fix.  There's helping with homework, working on  manners, trust, responsibilities, chivalry, integrity and strength of character.   You know the ""life side" of raising kids into spectacular human beings.

3.  Joshua gets up at the muthaakifahking asscrack delightful hour of 5:30 so at some point it seemed ridiculous to even TRY to go back to sleep.  Plus, ya know once he's up, he's a little tiny noise machine combined with an F4 tornado. So we made muffins.  And 'hawked up his his fireman pj's.  The we took 827 pictures.

4.  Checking on Stomp/NOT cleaning up vomit.  Stomp is throwing up every half an hour.  Being the mama bear that I am, every single time I heard that gag, I shot off the couch (where I was sleeping for convenience sake and bolt into my room (where HE was sleeping so he wouldn't throw up on his brother and he could be close to the bathroom).  I'd rub his back, tell him I loved him, remind him to puke in the puke bowl and then clean it up.  Mama can handle any bodily fluid disaster, just not vomit.   He lethargically mumbled yes ma'am and then went back to sleep.  In 1/2 an hour we'd do it all again.

5.  Wrote.  I participated in a 6 word poetry challenge.  I wrote a lot of those little buggers but this one wound up being my favorite: "Your kiss brought me to life".

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