Sunday, November 16, 2014

"Look at that girl, she's lighting up the world"

I heard this yesterday while watching a movie on Netflix called "Call Me Crazy".  The movie was a fantastic glimpse into mental illness (so fantastic, it triggered an anxiety attack...What.The.Fenway.). Anyway, I loved this song because I really related to it.

I think there's an idea out there that I'm everyone's Sunshine and I'm glad to be the person they turn to for a little sparkle and optimism and cheerful kick-ass-itude, you know?  But it was a long time comin'.  I had to "break free" of so many things; a past that haunts me, insults that claw at my sense of self,  perfectionism, self doubt,  anxiety and panic disorders, and the old well-trained-girl who was never allowed to be 100% herself.  I'm so proud to have broken free, even if sometimes I still see the chains and the marks they left all over my soul.

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