Thursday, November 6, 2014

Can we just talk about nothing for a while?

So, I was planning to talk about anxiety today.  Specifically my anxiety and PTSD and taking control and your power back and how that can really put a stop to that panic mode that hits.  But then I had an anxiety attack.  A number of them, actually.  All school/child related.  I truly GET now why people do college FIRST, then kids.  But because I'm dumber'n a bag of swingin' hammers, I decided I'd do kids first, THEN college and therein lies the problem.  So, now I'm afraid if I talk about my anxiety it might trigger another anxiety attack (and I sure as fahk don't want to talk about cranial nerves or facial muscles).  Frankly, I am tired, yo.

This guy dancing has been the highlight of my day.  Because yes.  Even yesser.  That is totally how I dance in the car.  And what's wrong with the boring girl just sittin' there?  Can you not get down with a little T-Swift, boring girl?  Quirk up, dude.

This Bromance delights me because you know Boston loves the Pats and Julian Edelman makes my heart go pitter-patter and if Tom Brady weren't married to Gisele I might be rooting for a serious romance between these two.  Just until Edelman meets me and realizes I'm his destiny.

Speaking of destiny... have y'all met my new baby daddy?  Ed Sheeran and I would have adorable ginger-haired, awkward, quirky babies.  And "Don't" is Joshie's favorite song.  He actually yells, "that's my jam!".  Keep calm and quirk on.

Because I'm everyone's favorite person to send creepy and/or weird with just a touch of creepiness shit to, I got this in my email the other day.  Yes, that is a fanged deer.  Yes, I want one.  No, I will not let you have mine.  Yes, you can pet it.

Zombeavers was the funniest movie I've seen this year.  And I'm not even kidding.  It's not everyday you get to tell your sexy Boston boyfriend: "that beav-ah movie was really special to me, Baby.".

Finally, because what's a post from Eri without at least a smidge of bloody violence, enjoy all these videos of that tough fuckah, Shawn Thornton kicking some serious ass.  Ohhhh Shawn, you'll always be a Bruin to me.

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