Sunday, September 21, 2014

Sing-a-long Sunday - Lois Lane rocks out in some Chucks

So, I'm late to the Daughtry game, OF COURSE.  But dude, this song.  First of all, let me be crystal clear.  A woman doesn't need a man to save her, duh.  But there is nothing wrong with wishing for a hero to come along and sweep you off your feet.

My own Superman came along a couple of years ago all Boston-accented and wicked cha-hming and saved me.  Do you know how he saved me?  By showing me I had the strength to save myself.  And I guess I feel like that's the kind of hero a girl should wait for.  The kind who will do whatever it takes to help you see your own worth.  In my case, it just took protecting my heart  a little while until it could heal and I could remember what I already knew about myself.  And you know what else, girls, it's important to make your man feel like he is  your hero.  So honor him once in a while, remind him that he makes you feel safe and loved and protected and amazing.   So, this one's for you, Boston.  Thanks for bein my Sup-ahman.  I'll always be the Lois Lane in Chuck Taylors!

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