Sunday, September 21, 2014

Friday Five: DONE.....on Sunday

Friday Five: DONE

Yeah yeah so I’m a little late. Sue me. I’m a busy girl, and apparently missed the memo on this one. But here it is, better late than never right??

Top Five Things about Summer I am DONE with.

1.       People telling me it isn’t THAT hot! I manage a hotel. The first hotel you see coming into town from Arizona. Apparently compared to them, it isn’t that hot here. Well you know what?! The sweat dripping in my eyes, pouring down my back and staining my shirts in the armpit area, SAY OTHERWISE!

          Not being able to turn the A/C up at work. My boss is an extreme penny pincher!! Therefore we are not allowed to adjust the A/C, PERIOD. It stays at 78. All the time. I am actually lucky, because I don’t have to stay in the laundry room, where there is no A/C at all. Someone turned it on once, the next day there were no more batteries in the…..oh hell, the box where you turn it on. WTF ever it’s called, I can’t remember. But yeah, dryers going constantly for about 4 hours, and no A/C. DONE!!

1.       KIDS NOT BEING IN SCHOOL! Yes, I’m a horrible mom I know. But seriously, if I have to hear one more time “Moooooooooommm I’m soooooooo booooored!!!” I’m gonna seriously ship them off to boarding school! (Granted school started about a month ago, but I don’t really dislike too much about summer….so I figured I would throw this in there.)

1.       Daisy Dukes! Ok so I have no issues with shorts, or seeing people wearing shorts. But seriously girls, if I wanted to see ASS CHEEKS I would go to the XXX Book Store in front of my hotel!!! 

            Boob Sweat. Enough Said, am I right ladies??

Top Five things I’m looking forward to about Fall.

1.       My Hoodie!!! Or should I say hoodies…..I have 3 that I adore, all for different reasons. But I literally live in them, which is kind of awesome because it totally cuts down on how much laundry I have to do. 

1.       Anything Pumpkin Flavored! Coffee, cookies, bread, donuts, PIE!! OMG I love pumpkin!!!

1.       Sitting around the fire pit on the deck with family. Of course this usually involves some sort of liquor, but that just makes it so much warmer!

1.       The Balloon Fiesta! Especially since I am on the top of the hill overlooking Albuquerque when I’m working, and get to meet all kinds of people coming here and seeing it for the first time. 

1.       New things. With every new season, it seems like a whole new start to something. I never know what, but it’s like a fresh beginning. I look forward to new things happening. The leaves change, the weather changes, and I always change. Sometimes for the better (at least I always hope so) and sometimes for the worse. Here’s to new changes, new outlooks, and new horizons.

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  1. OMG!! I cannot believe I forgot to add boots!! My favorite part of cold weather is goodies and boots!! And I have to buy new ones this year! Eeeeeek!!!