Thursday, September 18, 2014

*knock, knock* Housekeeping?

Hey y'all.  I know, I know.  Jeeze, Eri, you tell us all to come find you here then you aren't here so what the hell are you doin?!

Well let me tell y'all, I have been in it up to my neck.  And y'all know just what it is.  But it's okay, because one of my many "hats" as Mama is trash collector and fireman.  So I've been being mom, chef, maid, counselor, homework assistant, taxi driver (not like Robert DeNiro, that's another day), and chief shit-scooper and fireman.   There've been fires started by little asshole arsonists other people, accidental fires started by the children and of course accidental fires started by myself*.  And oh, y'all, the sheer bullshit.  Good thing I didn't bother cleanin my boots.  Shooey.

So anyway, a few things around here at the Sistahood.  I'm going to introduce at some point a "Can We Talk" series (on Thursdays, maybe?  Which day do you have more unfettered rage, Tuesday or Thursday?).  We'll tackle some seriously tough topics like what the fahking fahk is going on with the free World and political rage and why won't the horrible twosome (Kimye) ever shut their fahking yaps, etc.  You know big deal important shit.  As long as we all play nice, that is.  Because I gotta say, I have no patience left for anyone who doesn't have any manners.  Which brings me to point #2.  We do not now, nor will we ever, accept anonymous commentary here.  If you can't put your name to it to say it, then don't say it.  Clear?  Everyone gets behind the internet and thinks they're invisible and that gives them the right to be a bully.  And there is not one Irish bitch up in this place that is going to put up with a bully, right girls?  Y'all don't want to really push us anyway.  Finally, y'all may have figured this out, but with three totally fahking classy Irish broads running the joint, this is not exactly the most language-appropriate website for your children.  I mis-spell most of my swear words because I have a hybrid midwestern Boston accent and I type like I talk.  We're a family blog in the sense that we're all always going to talk about our families but not that you want to leave this open so that one day your kid walks up and goes "hey Mom? What's a twainthole?"  Just sayin'.  Also, don't say that to me.  I fahking HATE that.

**I feel stupid even having to type this, but lest y'all think I'm being literal, these are all obviously not *REAL* fires.  These are all metaphorical fires.  Sheesh oh pete, God love the dumbing down of America.

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