Sunday, September 28, 2014

Sing Along Sunday- John Barrowman

There is just something about this song. There is something about this man. John Barrowman is ridiculously adorable. He makes me want to spread love and happiness everywhere with his smile. I just adore him and, well, his entire family! He is extraordinary in every way especially for someone famous. He is very down to earth and very appreciative of all his fans. So, when I found out he was doing another album that was financed and begged for by the fans, I planned to get in on that ASAP. A dear friend of mine beat me to it and sent it to me as a gift. So, I am posting the two songs that really sucked me in here but make no mistake... the entire album is wonderful!! John Barrowman- You Raise Me Up is the name of the album.

And here is the title song of the album.... Love you John, Scott, & all the Barrowman clan!!

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