Sunday, September 14, 2014

I'm Over It!

Last weekend, I seriously considered posting All About the Bass, because, well I'm a big girl, always have been. However I kept listening to it, and even though I love that it's uplifting and fun for us girls that are "all about the bass, no treble," there is a line in it that says something about those "skinny bitches."

I'm not gonna lie and say I have never made a crack about some skinny girl, out of jealousy, but come on. If you're going to build up women, build them up, not just part of them. I know for a fact that all the issues I have had my entire life because of my weight are not things these girls have had to struggle with, but ALL women have body image issues! All of them!

So when I heard this song the other day, I was like......Yeah! I relate to this so much better! I think I am madly in love with Mary now. I downloaded a bunch of her other stuff, and was kind of disappointed to find out that most of her music is not nearly as upbeat as this, but still, AMAZING music. This woman knows what's its all about. She has it figured out, things I think most of us have struggled our entire lives with, and still don't know what our "Secrets" are.

I wish I knew how to embed another video on here, because the other one I need to share with you is by here as well. However, not upbeat, and I have yet to be able to listen to the whole thing without breaking down and crying. It's just truth, straight truth that we all think and feel, and nobody says it. I'm going to post the link, but just be prepared to lose it. Even in my best mood.....this song gets me.

Ok so I hope you are all having a great Sing-Along-Sunday!!! Love you all!!!

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  1. This song is fahking AMAZING and her blue dress is to die for! I LOVE THIS! Good call, Jen!