Friday, September 26, 2014

Friday Five - Go Big Red!

So, I guess it's no secret around here that at least in my corner of the nuthouse  of the country,  it's college football time and following the Huskers is practically a religion.  I never followed college football until I came out here (although my dad and I went to several UNM games that always got us rained on...we began to believe we were cursed).  Out here you have to at least keep up or you are not going to be able to make conversation with anyone.  So I became a somewhat obsessive fan.  I already knew the rules and a ton of the stats having come from a sports home.  Now every Saturday during the early fall I find myself glued either to the television or the radio waiting to see or hear how my beloved Huskers* are doing.  Last week was an exceptional week for us overall and with that glorious victory on my brain, I thought I'd give you:

"5 Things To Know & Love About The Huskers".

1.  Last week playing against Miami Ameer Abdullah broke Johnny Rodger's record for the most career all-purpose yards.  It.Was.Awesome.
2.  On game day, Memorial Stadium has the 3rd largest population in the state.  Going to a game is a blast as you hunker down with approximately 91,000 of your new best friends.
3.  Jordan Westerkamp makes catches behind his back when he can't even see the freakin' ball.
4.  According to a poll, Nebraska fans are the most loyal college football fans in the country.
5. In 2012, a little boy named Jack caught the attention of then Husker Rex Burkhead.  Through Burkhead, he got to know the rest of the team and in the Spring game of 2013, the team brought Jack out in the 4th quarter.  He ran for 69 yards and scored a touchdown The Team Jack Foundation that he set up with help from Burkhead and other Nebraskans benefits pediatric Cancer research through a facility in Boston.  Unfortunately, as he's grown so has his tumor.  He is now in Boston, himself, being treated by a method that is still undergoing clinical trials.

So there you have it.  Five things I love about my college football team.  Especially #5.  Our team and our fans have a history of playing a clean game and generally being neighborly and polite.  What they've done for little Jack shows that they also have great Big Red hearts.  GO BIG RED!!!

**Huskers, or as the hockey enforcer calls them and every other football player, "Wes Welk-uhs!"

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