Friday, September 19, 2014

Friday Five: DONE.

Today's Friday Five (or Ten) is brought to you by The Band Perry.  Because I am D O N E with some shit this summah, and so fahking ready for Fall it is beyond ridiculous.  So let's get this show on the road, shall we?

5 Things I Am DONE With From Summer:

1. Assholes.  All of them.  The kind who hit women.  The kind who use kids as weapons.  The kind who berate good moms (like for sending their kids outside to play).  The kind who see someone succeeding and think "I just have to tear that shit down".  The kind who forget that we are all human and we all make mistakes.  Look, I can be a real a-hole too.  I own that shit.  I'll tell you.  "I'm about to be a real asshole to you and here's why".  But damn, y'all.  Cut each other some slack.
2. Migraines.  My migraines flare up so bad in the summer because heat and dehydration are huge triggers.  If you're a migraine sufferer you know exactly what I mean.  And oh yeah, bright lights, like the sun.  And screaming cooped up children who can't go outside because of the heat index.  Of course, the cold weather brings up my imaginary illness  my Fibromyalgic pain.  But that's a whole other battle.
3. Kimye.  I feel stupider for having typed that nickname twice in the last 36 hours.  Seriously, yo.  It is my intention to not think about, read anything about or even hear anything about those two twatholes for the next 3 months.
4. Not watching hockey.  Look, I know I spent the summer watching the Red Sockies and Big Papi make a run for the Series.  It was delightful.  But I am an Irish girl with a violent streak a mile wide  uhhhh wild Irish heart.  It is time for some hockey.  Nothing goes better with leggings and Chucks than a nice Bruins jersey.  Fahk.Yes.
5. A/C and closed windows.  I know, I'm lucky I have air conditioning.  Praise be to Jesus that I don't live in the Querque anymore and have to deal with a mediocre "swamp cooler".  Seriously.  But I ache in my bones for fresh air...even if the fresh cool air makes my bones ache.

So, now, 5 Things That Can't Come Fast Enough With Fall

1. Hot cocoa on the porch with my boys.
2. Long walks in the evening.
3. My birthday!
4. My first pot of homemade posole
5.  Owls, Scarecrows and Jack-o-Lanterns

**Thanks to The Band Perry and their song "Done" for the inspiration for this post.  Though I gotta say, I have been humming this line from another song of theirs all night long: "It's hard to bury the hatchet holdin' a chainsaw!"

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