Friday, September 19, 2014

Cast of Characters

I was thinking in the last post that I need to find away to distinguish the people in my life who I will be referencing the most. So I will at least make it so you know a bit about who I am referring to in my posts.

I have a husband and four great boys in my life. The two oldest boys are my step sons from my husband's first marriage. So they have an entire other family with their Biological Mom but I do not think I will be talking about Mom and company enough to describe them.


My husband and I met in JROTC in 10th grade. He was one of my very best friends ages before we decided to do the love and marriage thing. Oddly enough, we went to school together from elementary to high school and did not become friends until our sophomore year. We have been married for 11 years and have walked through hell together. He drives me nuts but he really is the love of my life.


Red is my oldest step son. I normally do not distinguish between step and biological when it comes to my boys but in this case I will for introductions. This kid is a very sweet kid who is very sensitive, grounded, trustworthy, and easygoing. Red will be 15 this month. He is a freshman in high school this year and plays euphonium in the marching band. He loves to read, cook, & play games. Red cares about everyone and he loves to be at the adult table where the conversation is happening. He has been in various Advanced Placement classes and is a pretty eclectic kid.


Gamer will be 14 in a few months. He is witty, sarcastic, silly, & always unique. He was previously active in theater but he is homeschooling with his Mom this year so his classes are online. He is connected to his laptop like it is a third arm. He has a very interesting sense of humor and a really great smile. He can always be relied on to do things his own way. He has always been very sweet but these days he uses sarcasm as a shield to protect himself from getting hurt. He is a wicked cool kid but don't tell him I said that. He is also much smarter than he gives himself credit for. He was in some AP classes too and was doing well.

The Little Professor (LP)

LP turns 11 this year. He is another sensitive kid. If you hurt his feelings he hides behinds anger. He constantly amazes me with how he learns. He taught himself and his little brother to read. This was the child I was told that I might never have due to fertility issues. He is a total geek. He loves computers, programming, reading, Pokémon, and gaming. He really enjoys gaming with his brothers. He really looks up to Gamer. He lives with and fights ADHD successfully. He is a stubborn child but has a heart of gold and he is incredibly loyal.
He has had glasses since he was little which where his nickname came from. He is in the Gifted and Talented program and it helps keep him busy. Once he gets bored he gets in trouble. Gamer and LP take after their Dad.

Stunt kid aka The Little Prince

Stunt kid is the baby. He turned 8 this year. He is sensitive, sweet, silly, & super cuddly. He loves to hug, hold hands, give kisses, & just be with you. He says things that make you think he is an old soul. He has a strong sense of justice. He has not quite come into his own yet. He loves things that his brothers do until he figures out that he doesn't. He is a picky eater and sometimes is stubborn as hell. His stubbornness has saved his life more than once. I had an IUD birth control device implanted when I found out I was pregnant with him so he was a shock. When the Doctors removed the IUD and I started miscarrying. When they told me there was still a strong heartbeat I was shocked. I was 3 months pregnant and we think we lost his twin. Needless to say, after being on bed rest for 6 months and having contractions the entire time, I cherish every single moment with him. He has managed to be in the Emergency Room more than any of the boys. Last time was for swallowing a quarter. He is also in Gifted and Talented classes and is a favorite around school. This child is perpetually happy. In fact, he was happy even during his bout with the flu this year. It is hard to know when he is sick until it is bad because he is happy.

So there you have it. My description was already posted so I won't go into all that again. Thanks for getting to know my family. I think they are pretty terrific.

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  1. I know you guys are terrific. :) Write on, my friend!