Sunday, December 28, 2014

Sing Along Sunday- What is REALLY important

Tuesday December 23rd 2014 started off like any normal day.

Wait! What am I thinking? Normal? Around here? HA! Anyway, I was at home surfing the web and preparing to trek out to Old Navy to do a return because I have had the WORST luck with shipping this year. That is another post entirely for another time and honestly it seems miniscule beside what I am talking about today.

Razark took most of the week off since we had our older two boys for Christmas and so he was home which is really not normal at all. He came in and showed me a text from his office mate and friend J. I was in complete shock. One of my very best friends was rushing home because his house was on fire. It came to be that it seemed like it was going to be a total loss too.

I sent a text to F and simply asked one question, "Is everyone OK?" I cannot wrap my head around losing everything but my concern was for his wife, kids, and pets. Once I knew that everyone was fine I was comfortable waiting for information. The next update came from him in the form of a picture.

I have known F since high school. We weren't as close until afterwards when we reunited at work. We have been the best of friends for years. He is one those people who know me almost better than I know myself. He knows my ugly side and still loves me. He contacted my husband for me when I was just looking to reunite with him and wanted to be sure his ex-wife wouldn't answer. He and our friend Nik are the reasons that Razark and I are together today with four gorgeous kids. When Razark and I got married F was our Best Man. When our youngest boys were born we asked him to be their Godfather. Some people take that lightly but not F. He went home and discussed it with his wife because he took that responsibility seriously. How cool is that?

I held his daughter when she was just a wee thing and I have been honored to watch his family grow up. We have been through our share of storms just as any long term friends have but we have made it through. When things are not right with certain people in my life, I do not function well at all. He is one of those people.

So, I have been scrambling to find resources and help just like all the other people who love this family. I have seen and hugged F FINALLY and I am a bit more relaxed to know that temporary housing has been found. BUT there are needs such as toiletries and clothing. The kids go back to school in a week and F and T go back to work tomorrow.

This is just some of the devastation that they have suffered. Things from loved ones that have passed on are gone as well as baby pictures and wedding pictures but they are going to be fine. They will continue to stick together and rebuild because they are strong. I will continue to help because I love them.

14 years went up in smoke. I remember going over floor plans with him when they got the house before their second child was born.

If you are touched by this and would like to help, please contact me at:
I have sizes for the family. I have a PayPal address for them. I also have some room in my garage for small household appliances.
Anything helps! Mostly I would like to get clothes for them to begin to resume a normal life.

Thank you.

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  1. Much love to F and his family. I'll help whenever and wherever I can. <3