Friday, December 12, 2014

Friday Five.... Things I like about December

Wow, only 5 things that I like about December? I could probably go for 500 and still miss some. Being that it is the Christmas season and all I will try to steer clear of all the normal things about Christmas time just to keep it interesting...

1. Two of my children were born in the month of December!! The Little Professor turned 11 on the 2nd and The Gamer turns 14 on December 15th.

2. The semester ends in December! I am tired y'all! This policy analysis and learning to practice with individuals is hard work. I am ready to sleep in and read something for fun. I need a few days of trash TV to wind down from poverty, LGBTQI rights, race relations, and mental health issues.

3. December is my month to bake!! While the husband and kids DnD with our friends, I am usually found at home baking up a storm. I absolutely love to turn up the MP3 player and bake until I am hurting and fall into bed. I love the fact of knowing that the family loves my goodies.

4. OK, this one is a bit normal... but FAMILY! I adore spending time with my family. I can hang out with my Mom and Sister and not have to run home to finish a paper or a presentation. That is so cool to me because I can relax and laugh with the people that I love most.

5. Cold nights. I live in Texas y'all! It yo-yos up and down a lot. You can usually depend on more cold nights in December finally!! I love the cold weather because well, um, I live in Texas. It rarely snows here and rarely ices over so I can love winter with all of my heart because if it does snow or ice... the whole damn city is shutting down!

Happy Mid-December y'all! I wish you peace, love, and cozy nights!!

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