Wednesday, December 24, 2014

I'm BLOGGING about tea**

Okay first of all, NO this is not a paid advertisement.  I assume Lipton has no idea who I am except that I keep sending them love letters writing them letters complimenting their products.  See, I love tea.  I mean really, really love tea.  I feel about tea the way some people feel about their kids coffee or wine.  In fact, in some completely whacked out circles, I'm considered something of a tea expert.  (Editor's Note: This is different from a tea-bagging expert, just sayin').  So anyway, recently I've been loving the hell out of Orange/Passion Fruit/Jasmine green tea (the Jasmine lingers on your lips forever, making you feel so sexy) and Acai/Dragonberry/Melon green tea (the smell of that particular flavor is simply divine).  But today while I was at the store they had a new flavor I had never heard of.  My heart started to pound, my hands got a little clammy and shook a little.  Cranberry Pomegranate green tea?  That can't possibly be as good as it sounds, can it?  Oh please let it be as good as it sounds.  Just in case, I only buy one box.  I could hardly contain my excitement as I got home and rushed up the stairs and turned on my kettle.  I filled one of my latte mugs (I'm sorry, but one of those teensy little mugs is just never enough).  I took a sip.  My eyes closed in ecstasy.  And, as I had an ethereal tea experience, the angels sang from heaven.

So please, I implore you, try some of this tea.  It will change your tea life forever.  Even if you're not crazy about fruit in your tea (which is how I was until Lipton started making all these blends).  Let Lipton change your life, ok?

**Bonus points if you get the Brian Regan "I'm RECORDING fishing" reference**

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