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Hit the nail on the head!

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I was just reading this article on bi-polar disorder and came across this:

Grandiose delusions (GD) or delusions of grandeur
Bipolar disorder
Main article: Bipolar disorder

Bipolar disorder is severe affective dysregulation, or mood states that sway from exceedingly low (depression) to exceptionally high (mania).[25] Bipolar patients with grandiose delusions are essentially high on themselves. If they convey any feelings of aggravation at all, these at most characterize secondary anxiety that others will be jealous of them and hold them back from getting what they are entitled to, or seize what they already have.[26]

Bipolar patients experience delusion during the worse part of their illness. Typically, when experiencing or displaying a stage of heightened excitability, joy, rage, senselessness, and correlated phenomena they might convey thoughts or beliefs that are grandiose in nature. Some of these grandiose beliefs frequently involve thoughts that the patient is very rich or famous or has super human abilities, etc.[27] In the most severe form, known as psychotic mania, the bipolar patient may hear voices and have grandiose delusions such as "I am the King of England".[8]

 - Now I am starting to wonder if I am headed that way.. the reason I say this is because of my interest in the D/s lifestyle I've been having fantasies... also I use this to build myself up and make myself feel better about myself... which from what I'm reading in this article isn't such a good thing.

Positive functions

Grandiose delusions frequently serve a very positive function for the person of sustaining or increasing their self-esteem. As a result, it is important to consider what the consequences of removing the grandiose delusion are on self-esteem when trying to modify the grandiose delusion in therapy.[5] In many instances of grandiosity it is suitable to go for a fractional rather than a total modification, which permits those elements of the delusion that are central for self-esteem to be preserved. For example, a man who believes he is a senior secret service agent gains a great sense of self-esteem and purpose from this belief, thus until this sense of self-esteem can be provided from elsewhere, it is best not to attempt modification.[5]

 - I highlighted the part that worries me the most about getting help for this...

 Accounts of delusion

 There are two alternative accounts for getting grandiose delusions:[9]
  • Delusion-as-defense account: defense of the mind against lower self-esteem and depression
  • Emotion-consistent account: result of exaggerated emotions.
  - I believe I am the first one... defense of the mind against lower self-esteem and depression. It's how I cope I guess huh?

Thanks for reading..

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