Saturday, December 27, 2014

New Years Resolutions....

Since we are coming up on the New Year, lets think about that.

Usually as a joke my New Years Resolution is to not make one, but this year I have decided it will be a little different.

1 - SIMPLICITY. Keep It Simple Stupid.. is my motto.

2 -  LET IT GO! All the hate, the pain, the anger, and the jealousy... just let it go, it causes more problems than it does anything else.

3 - DROP THE DRAMA. This pretty much relates to everyone else in my life... my husband and his stupid reasons to get upset over NOTHING, my youngest throwing his 'drama king' fits, my older son NOT doing what he was supposed to.

4 - GET MY FINANCES IN CHECK. Yes this is a true possibility this year and you know what I am NEVER going to go back to where I was before.

5 -  MOVE ON IN MY LIFE. Leave all the stuff that's holding me down and keeping me back from what I truly want to do. It's for my own good so if I hurt people along the way hopefully they don't take offense.  My mental health is more important than the crap you do that causes me to have issues with in my life.

6 - CHANGE MY EATING HABITS. This is the most important one. I have spent too many late nights/early mornings in the bathroom because of eating something with cheese due to my Lactose Intolerance. Well no more.
   a. No more cheese.
   b. Stay away from fried foods.
   c. Less red meat.
   d. More water, less soda/
   e. Healthy snacking between meals.

It is a start for me for the new year, I think 6 is enough for me. If I can even get 3 of them done 50% I'd be very happy.

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  1. I think you forgot one Cindy! SMILE MORE!! I saw that picture of you smiling on Facebook!! You are beautiful and when you smile it is even more pronounced!! Keep it up!