Friday, December 5, 2014

Friday Five - Mini-Mysteries

So, for today, I thought me and the Sistahs would do 5 things you might not know about us...and that we might not even know about each other.

5 Things You May Not Know About Eri:

1.  I believe I have the most adorable feet, evah.  They're tiny (I can wear both kids and adult-sized Chucks) and the most perfect creamy white with just a little sprinkle of freckles.
2.  My very first pair of Chucks were red and they came with a red pair of Justin Ropers from my Nany's daughter Donna (we'll talk about her a lot more someday).  To this day, if I'm wearing shoes they're either Chucks or a pair of black Ropers I have.
3.  When I was growing up, I wrote short stories about women who wore long flowy skirts and dresses, lived in the middle of nowhere, had a few kids and a few dogs running around and hung clothes on the line.  This was the life I wanted for myself.  I had it for a while but I also had a fahkton of other baggage and bullshit.  Now, I see a totally different life for myself and I no longer write pretty fairy tales.  I write macabre poetry* and this little blog.
4.  My Nany (the woman who helped my mama and my grandma raise me, who babysat me for years and is still an extra mom to me) and my mom were crazy-close friends growing up.  We're all family and always will be.  That said, one of my earliest memories is of being babysat with Nany while we all sat in a blow-up raft in the living room singing "Key Largo".  I'm not saying there was alcohol involved, but y'all do the math.  That's still one of my all-time favorite songs.
5.  Every single year I re-read the collective works of Poe and Shakespeare.  There are assorted other fictional story series I re-read when a new book comes out, but always those two.  I can recite Annabel Lee from memory.  I wear a raven necklace only because there is no Annabel Lee jewelry.  And I can do several of the famous Shakespeare monologues from memory too.  Maybe if I didn't store up that shit, I wouldn't suck at a A&P. 

**How would y'all feel about me posting some of the poetry here?  I know this blog is basically a conversational place, would you feel like the posting of poetry infringed on the conversation?  Talk amongst yahselves.


  1. I would love to read some of your poetry!

  2. Well maybe I'll put something up. Monday seems like a good day for the dreadfully morbid and macabre and melancholic shit I write.