Sunday, March 1, 2015

There's a reason for the world, you & I

This is my family's song.  It's about a guy who goes looking for answers to the meaning of life.  He's told simply that it's a riddle, "You & I".  As he lives life, he gets busy, caught up in life but he's always reminded of this riddle until one day he looks around, at his angel, at his kid and he realizes the answer to the riddle is "You & I."

Having children is a humbling experience.  You put their needs above your own, above your spouse's, above everybody else's in the world.  At least that's what you do if you're a good mom.  And  I am.  I'm a great mom.  I love my boys with every single fiber of my being.  But, still, I couldn't protect my youngest, my sweet little miracle boy.  The baby they told me I'd never have.  The baby who, last week, swung off a coat hook into my arms.  The baby who dresses up like me and then proudly declares, "Look, I'm YOU, Mama".  The baby with a beautiful pale white face with a little scar in the shape of a cross from stitches he had when he had an accident with the arm of the recliner.  The baby with the biggest brightest blue eyes you've ever seen.

The baby who, while potty-training, had an accident.  The baby who trusted someone who turned out to be a monster.  The baby who told that monster he was sorry after she hurt him.  The baby whose baby blues hold fear sometimes, now that they've recovered from the right one being swollen almost shut.  The baby who won't even look in the bathroom now.  The baby who still sometimes stutters with fear about trying to sit on the potty.

That baby, my baby, has known the words to this song since he was just 2 and 1/2.  And he loves it.  And this week, we're dedicating sing-a-long Sunday, and a few other days to him.  If you love my Joshua Mark like I do, share a song, share a memory, share a picture.  But please, share your prayers.  Because this has only just begun.

If you are in the Nebraska area and suspect child abuse, DO NOT HESITATE TO CALL: 1-800-652-1999.  If you are in another area or the situation is an emergency CALL 911 IMMEDIATELY.  NO MORE CHILDREN NEED TO BE HURT.  THIS IS A SITUATION THAT *CAN* AND SHOULD STOP.

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