Friday, March 6, 2015

Moments in time

So here are a few of Joshie's favorite things!

1. Favorite Animal – "pen-pwin"
2.  Favorite color – "yellow"
3.  Favorite food – "doggie food"
4.  Favorite number – "2"
5.  Favorite brother – "Nasan"
6.  Favorite mom – “thhhhbbbpppptttttthhhhhhh”

And a few of my favorite things about Joshie:

1. He has a smile and a laugh for everyone he meets
2.  He also has big expressive blue eyes
3.  How much he loves his extended family whether it's Jay-Jays or his "friend" Papa, his Uncle David or one of his numerous Aunts, he loves everyone so fully and completely.
4.  He makes everyone feel special just for knowing him.  Sure, he was a miracle baby for me and his Daddy.  But he continues to make everyone he knows feel so special and loved, because even at 3, he's totally mastered the art of really listening to people and making them feel heard.  Future physician, maybe?  He does  love being called "Dr. Joshie".
5. He is completely his own person.  At 3 years old he knows something it took me 30 years to fully grasp.  Being yourself and 100% unique and quirk-tastic is not only okay, it's amazing.  

*EDITOR'S NOTE:  We dedicated this week on the blog to Joshie Mark because someday he may remember what happened to him when he was 3 and when someone spanked him on the face.  I wanted to freeze this moment in time so that he would also remember just how loved he was and why.  But we also wanted to shine a bright light on child abuse so that people will get help before children get hurt.  If you are in the Nebraska area and know of a child being abused, please call 1-800-652-1999.  If it's an emergency situation or you are not in the Nebraska area, please dial 911 and speak with your local law enforcement officers.  

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  1. I love you, Nathan, and Joshie more than my angel collection. I knew you and our friendship was special but I never knew how you guys would touch my soul!