Sunday, March 1, 2015

Sing Along Sunday - Joshie's Jam!!!

As we all know, Eri LOVES Ed Sheeran. Well, so does Joshie Mark. So much so that he has declared Ed's song "Don't" as his "jam". He'll tell Eri, "Mama, play my jam!"

The song also talks about not taking advantage of those who love you. Joshie loves unconditionally, regardless of who you are. He makes friends with everyone he meets. He has truly stolen my heart. His unconditional love for one person was not only taken advantage of, but destroyed when this "person" chose to maul him for not using the potty. The little angel is now terrified of potty training. That's why we are dedicating this sing along to him, and I chose his "jam" just for Joshie. Auntie Jen loves you, unconditionally, forever and ever.

If you know a child that is in Texas and being abused, here is the information to report it:

1-800-252-5400 or

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