Sunday, February 22, 2015

Being sick and my personal rant about stupid irresponsible parents

The Flu - not what I remember it being like last time. This time stuffy nose, hacking up nasty stuff. Fever on and off, headaches on and off... temp was 100.3 when I went to the walk-in. They swabbed my nose, eww... it tickled more than anything but then I sneezed like 10 time and had to blow my nose what seemed like a million. Picked up my prescriptions, got a bunch of tissues and a saline nasal mist and planning on taking a nap on the couch here soon.

My main reason for coming over is stupid parenting. It's everywhere!

"Mom accused of leaving child out in the cold while she smoked pot" - Yahoo
"Mother charged after 1 year old weighing only 10lbs admitted to hospital" - Yahoo

What the hell is wrong with these people!?!

I could NEVER do anything like that to my kids, why do these people even have kids if they don't have that instinct to care for them and provide the best they can for them? How stupid can you be really? I think people like that should be treated the way they treated their kids... lets put that woman out in the cold... lets start that mother who did that to her child.

Ok, rant done, ready for some rest...

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