Thursday, March 5, 2015

Thoughtful Thursday for Joshie Mark

My dearest little nephew,

You have enriched my life more than you could possibly know even at the tender age of 3. I look at the world very differently because of you and it is wonderful. When I get dressed in the morning, I no longer wonder if people will perceive me as silly when I wear leggings, a skirt, a Shine Bright t-shirt, and Mama and I's sparkly Chucks. I know that Joshie would put that outfit on, probably with underwear on his head, and go out with his head held high. I see the world in many more colors because of you.

I didn't know Mama when you were born but I have heard how you were the family miracle baby and what is amazing (and awesome) is how you continue to be a miracle to others. I very much hope that you never let anyone suck that miracle out of you no matter how dark the world might get. If you ever need to be reminded of how much of a miracle and angel on earth that you are, we are here for you. You can call, text, email, or even show up on any of our door steps anytime and we will help remind you of your purpose on this earth. (This offer extends to your Mama and Nathan too!)

Thank you, dear boy, for returning my silliness. Thank you for reminding me that life is too short to care about how people look at you.  Who knew it would be the children in my life that would remind me how good life should be? Your Mama and Daddy made some pretty special humans when they made you and Nathan and God knew that I would need you guys too so he brought us all together.

Your remind me why it is so very important to hang on and finish school. You are the very kind of person who makes me want to be a social worker. As long as I draw breath, I promise to be the best that I can be so that the world does not consume the Joshies, the Nathans, or any of the people who make it a joy to get out of bed every single day. Together we will change the world but for today I am sending you extra snuggles and all my love. Keep sparkling baby!

I love you to the moon and back!

Auntie Carriebobeary


  1. This gave me the ugly cries. Joshua *is* a miracle but one of the best parts of his miracle is exactly the way it keeps on giving and making people smile. He's such an awesome little dude. SO full of love. Well, you know. He loves you so much, Auntie Carriebobeary!

  2. Sniff* Dangit, Carrie! LOL! That is an amazing post. I love our Joshie and Nathan. (Erica, too!)