Monday, March 9, 2015

I am in for it.....

I begin working the weekends again on March 21st, in April my boss will be gone for two weeks and I will be the go to person on the new system our company that is going to use for order taking. My boss and I are the only ones who have worked with it and seen what it does and played with it.

We will be responsible for writing the manual for it. I will be responsible along with her to teach the Korean reps who are in Albany how to use the new system as well. All the while working the weekend job. 4-6 weeks with no days off, with the added stress of learning/tweaking and writing a manual for it. I will probably lose my mind before May arrives.

With that being said you may not see me very much, but be assured if you follow me on FB you will see rant and raving about how tired I will be. :)

My life will be bringing with it change in the near future. Plans are in the works, things are being done that need to be for this change. I am not quite ready for it yet, I can see it though in my head. It will be a hard road but I will prevail and have my happily ever after.

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  1. Twinsie, you are wicked sma-ht and you've totally got this. Me and the girls love you and we're always here for you!