Thursday, August 13, 2015

What a crazy ride.... and my baby is growing up!

Vacation is always the time you get to NOT think about things in your life to give your head a little break and clear up for a little while. During my vacation all I've been thinking about is my boys. Sebastian had a GREAT time at Hershey Park earlier this week. He went on a "grown up" roller coaster which was only a rank 3 on the intensity scale... 1 being least and 5 being most intense. Every time he got off he's scream "That was awesome, lets do it again!" We'd ride 2 - 3 times and then we'd go somewhere else, but all he talked about at summer camp today was the ride Trailblazer. (per his teacher's note LOL!)

Also had that "posing" thing going on as well...

This trip was SO much fun, but at the same time most trying on my feet and legs. Unfortunately it's not flat ground, it has hills and such which made things SO difficult. I have been exhausted the last two days and have ended up taking naps during the day and have slept till past 8 am every day since Tuesday... yes I need a vacation from my vacation, but it's been so worth it to see how much Sebastian loved it. We all did! My most proud moments are with Sebastian at the pool. He is learning how to float and ultimate goal to swim.

With the floatation vest on he was able to hold the corner and get his body to float, also he was moving his arms and legs with me just holding under his belly. I took my hand away a few times under the water and he never knew it... he had so much fun that it had already been an hour and a half before we knew it!

He's growing up in so many ways and I am kind of sad I am losing my baby boy, but at the same time I'm proud he's growing from a child to a boy.

Eric and his cousin Gary took off into the park by themselves... so my 23 year old and my nephew 19 went off and had a good time. I have mostly let go of the connection with Eric, but at times I will jump in to help, but since Gary is my (brother's forever fiance) 's only child, she's having some issues. They had a good time too, not being watched over by the adults.

Chris (my husband) had a great time riding the roller coasters, there they are more intense than they are when we go to Darien Lake. Hershey may be our new destination, besides the having to walk to the community bathrooms/showers it wasn't bad.. next time we stay at the hotel and have our own bathroom and shower LOL.

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