Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Taking these pieces and making them beautiful

I know it's not Friday (at least I think it's not Friday, my days are katawumpus), but I'm going to do a list today anyway because I have a lot to catch y'all up on.  *Pssst, there's big news at the end*

**takes a deep breath, collapses in the rocking chair and grabs a mug of tea**

So, how ARE y'all?  Everyone good?  No major tragedies to tell me about?  If there are things you'd like to talk to me about, shoot me an email, find me on facebook or call me.  Y'all are never alone.

So, a few things to catch you up on what's going on around here: (seriously, huge news at the end)

1. Nathan reluctantly started 6th grade.  SO FAR, he doesn't seem to hate it as much as he usually does.  They had their 6th grade campout and while I was worried about my (sometimes) anxious boy, it turns out he was worrying about everyone else.  My sweet care-taking boy spent the campout (I'm told by the teacher) helping those who felt sad or scared or homesick.  He went around telling jokes, making people laugh and even discussing his own anxiety so other people wouldn't feel alone.  I can't imagine possibly being prouder of him.

2.  Joshua started Head Start this week.  He's doing very well even though he still won't potty train.  He loves  school and I'm making peace with losing out on 16 hours of snuggles, "cheeks" (when you give Mama a kiss, the boys call it "cheeks") and general Joshie-ness.  The teacher took me aside to tell me how smart he is and so far  no one has had any major meltdowns and his behavior has been well.  Naturally, his favorite part of school is picking out his outfit the night before.  Because Joshie Mark.

3.  David has made the adjustment to family life with two rambunctious and rowdy boys pretty seamlessly.  He did put 2 diapers on backwards, but at least he put diapers on.  The boys love having him here.  He's made peace with the fact that he kind of lurrrrrrrves  Dr Phil and we watch that together every day.  He's a night owl like I am so it's really nice to have someone still awake at 2 a.m. when my demons come out to play.  He thinks I make the best chai tea.  I think he gives the best back rubs.

4.  Life has been pretty good.  There are the same ole' same ole' negatives (stalkers, my health, Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump, the occasional parenting uproar between me and Stomp, etc).  But the POSITIVES?  Oh the positives are what keeps the world spinnin 'round.  I've got great love in my life and two of the best, sweetest, smartest, most affectionate kids.  I've got a sisterhood of girls who always have my back.  I've got my soul twins (Anam Cara) Jen and Carrie.  It's funny because I have best friends besides those two, but the three of us really become some kind of super family and we share the most amazing bond.  I miss them, I need to hug them.  And I just might get the chance here in a few weeks!  *squeeeee*  And the three of us have done something beautiful with the White Friday project.  This year's event was a huge success and we're growing our numbers like crazy over on the Facebook page.  If you know someone with mental illness who needs support and loving, compassionate, guidance, please send them or way.  Even if you don't struggle with mental illness, if you just love someone who does, come check us out.  We have a lot of resources for the caretakers, too!

One more quick thing about college and then it's time for my super huge gigantic news.  I'm doing well again in school this semester.  I'm taking Administrative Medical Assisting (grade: A), Pharmacology (grade: A+) and a 5-week Abnormal Psychology class that just started.  It feels good to challenge myself to keep my grades up and I know I'm capable of those kind of grades (it isn't like it's MATH or anything) so I keep doing it.

So, are you ready for my good news?  My super exciting news?  The news you've read through all this garbage to get to?!


A few semesters ago, I took a writing course and the professor encouraged me to submit something to the College's Creative Writing magazine.  Now, I know you're picturing ditto'd pages off an original Mac stapled together or something like that when I say "College Creative Writing Magazine".  HOWEVER, this is a legitimate magazine that has won numerous award and whose writers go on to win big awards.  It's a bound book and I can't wait to have the copy of it with my name in it in my hands.  I'm so glad and grateful to the professor who pushed me to submit. So glad and thankful to all my friends who have read drafts of my work, helped edit, listened to me yell when I couldn't get the word or turn of phrase just right and even listened to me cry in frustration or when things got too emotional.  This one's for you guys, babes!

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