Thursday, February 5, 2015

This word nerd is rocking math class

So one of the reasons it's been so hard for me to be here is that I have been working my ass-feathers hiney off studying for school.  I have a Literature course I took for fun, a medical terminology course that is actually putting my Latin studies to work, and a medical calculations class.  Yes, medical calculations translates to OMFG MATH.  Now, anyone who has known me longer than 37 seconds knows I hate math.  Because: "Hi, my name is Eri and I'm a full-blown word nerd.  And no, putting words into my math problem is not goin to fahking help me."  

Anyway, it requires a lot of practice on my part.  But Boston's been cheering me on after being a total chicken shit tapping out of tutoring me.  We concluded one of us would end up in the hospital and it would be him.  So no tutoring from Boston.  Just lots of praise.  Lots of  "you've totally got this, Buttahcup".  And wouldn't you know it, I've got a muthafahking "A"  in that class.  Isn't it amazing how much you can learn and how much you can do, even the shit that's really scary, when you have some support?  Someone to tell you, "you were never stupid about math, Buttahcup, you just didn't have anyone to tell you you weren't stupid in math"?

So yes, my name is Eri and I'm a full-blown word nerd.  But I can do math if I believe in myself.

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