Friday, February 6, 2015

Friday Five- Five things I have been doing instead of blogging


School has started and I am continuing in the Practice section of my Social Work requirements. This semester is practice with groups and families. So, I have been awful about posting and I apologize profusely!

1) I have been hanging with my sisters a lot. Eri and the boys have needed safe people around to remind them that they are safe from child abusing asshats. Jen P has been going through her own stuff and has needed a shoulder as well. Me, well it has been stressful and very hard a lot. We need each other. We found each other and we are not letting go.

2) School started back up at the end(ish) of January so I spend a lot of time one that. So I spend 3 days a week on campus working 4 classes and countless hours doing homework and essays.

3) Getting my boy ready for his trip to Washington D.C.

4) Dealing with some health issues along the way. Before Christmas I had steroid injections in the facet joints on the right side of my back. Next week we will do the left side to see if there is any total relief and then we decide if we need to continue them. They keep me down and out from more than 24 hours so during the semester that is kind of a pain.

5) The health issues bring with them a depression. Some days it is a huge battle to even get out of bed but most days I push on. I think that having a family helps because my kids keep me focused on reasons why I should not let the hopelessness overcome me. Two of my very dear friends have almost died this past month or so and the concern and loss of sleep is killer. Insomnia just makes the depression that much closer to being intolerable. I have been doing a lot of soul searching and praying lately.

So I guess some days I really am Fucked-up Insecure Neurotic and Emotional but I generally get along with a little help from my sistahs!

Love and hugs!!

Next Friday we will try to do something Valentine's related!!

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