Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Can't help it, I'm in love with the boy

A teensy bit of housekeeping I guess.  I mean to be here, I truly do.  But the family and I are dealing with a pretty major and intense issue.  It requires every space cell of energy I ever have.  Except for quiet mornings like this where the baby isn't having a nightmare and the big kid is okay at school and no one's calling me to ask for a meeting or to ask me to come somewhere with information or a kid or anything like that.  So to that end: If you've stuck with us this far, THANKS! We're lucky that our readers always come around for our sometimes-intermittent posts!  God bless all y'all, I mean that.

So then.  This is on my mind this morning.  A few days ago, I was surfing FB and I came across one of those articles for women.  You know the kind: "10 things your man is doing all wrong!" "11 ways to change your man into the one!" "389 signs you should dump him STAT!".  I growled a little but I clicked anyway.  Here's what I learned (and this is super important y'all):  I should've dumped Boston ages ago.  Apparently I'm not allowed to be okay with him going out with the boys and telling me he'll talk to me later (which he doesn't do often, but still, evidently it's OMG NEVER OKAY).  I should never ever ever EVER be okay with a message that says "Hey".  Or "Ok".  Or "LOL".  Here's where I started to lose my temper.  See, Boston works hard.  Like insanely fahking hard. And sometimes he literally has time to tell me "hey" or to read what I've sent him and respond with "Ok".

For instance, this morning:  It's been a whackadoodle time at work.  Boston's been covered in snow.  MBTA is saying not to take the Red line and BPS has been closed.  To say he's a "little busy" as one of the only people who made it into work is like saying that I like Chucks a "little bit".  Nonetheless, I texted him this morning that we should try to check out John Wick on our next movie night.  His response?  "Ok". Now, I didn't fly off the handle.  I didn't delete him from my phone or my life.  I smiled that he had taken time to read what I'd said and respond, even in the middle of one of the busiest weeks at work.  So come on girls, let's be a little more understanding of our men.  "Ok" does not mean he's blowing you off.  It might just mean he's too busy to compose a 37 word reply but he still wants you to know he's heard you.  Let's remember why we fell in love with the boys in the first place, instead of finding 389 signs to dump them, ok?


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