Saturday, February 7, 2015

Hello, we wiped this shit out DECADES Ago!!!!

Ok, seriously people. Vaccinate your kids. Vaccines DO NOT cause Autism any more than wearing shoes does! Did you know that 100% of children diagnosed with autism were wearing shoes? Yet, no one has blamed shoes for autism. But almost all of the children in the nation were vaccinated, and they chose to blame vaccines. Let's see, I believe doctors and peer reviewed journals over a fraud quack doc who lost his medical license and a ditzy Playboy Playmate. Science or fame??? Hmmm. What gets me is that people are still refusing to vaccinate and now things that we eradicated forever ago are coming back to get us! This is not Oregon Trail, people! And it is not the 1800s. Scientists made vaccines for the greater good of humanity. Use them! Even the Autism Speaks group is telling you there is NO CORRELATION! The government is not conspiring with drug companies, and neither are out to get us with vaccines. Do you realize that by not vaccinating your child, you are also putting others at risk??? When I have kids, I'm going to vaccinate them against everything I possibly can. Measles is a bitch! A bitch that is killing innocent kids. Mumps are horrible. Rubella is awful. Whooping cough sucks. Need I continue? If you don't want to vaccinate, then fine. But go live on a prairie somewhere away from the rest of the innocent world and keep your kids at home.

Rant over. Thank you and goodnight.


  1. My problem with all immunizations are the fillers. I am allergic to a lot of them and that is also an argument most parents I know will use as well. Most anti-vaxxers don't think that the healing powers of Jesus are all they need, they don't want their kids dying from side effects related to the fillers that extend the shelf life of the immunization. I don't mind discussing this with anyone. Your post is inflammatory and rude. I think I deserve a cookie from not responding to your post the way you wrote it.

  2. Julia,
    I am sorry if I offended you. However, I never once implied that they need the healing power of Jesus. I had a specific person in mind that this post was ranting about. This person follows what the internet says, rather than reading scientific journals. Now, I understand people being allergic to the fillers in vaccines, but I don't agree with people who don't vaccinate trying to convince others not to. Again, I'm sorry if I offended you.

  3. HEY. We play nice up in here. Especially between OURSELVES. We're all writers and sisters here. So everyone needs to mellow out. Julia, you know I would never tell you to curb your opinion or your attitude (long love the Irish bitch), but don't attack Jen. We don't do that here.