Thursday, July 9, 2015

Oh, we all need her, but no one more than me

Ya know.  I keep saying it and it keeps being true.  Being an unabashed Jersey Mama mama's girl is the utter suck when I'm sick.  I mean it comes with perks (I'm talking to you, fiery temper, love for total strangers and a real propensity for the "F" word), but when we're separated by the miles and I'm cooped up sick (like, say, in a hospital room while they try to figure out what's wrong), I miss her like I'd miss the skin if it fell from my bones.  Or the left hand that twirls my hair while the right one writes.  I miss her like I would the right hand that I use to tell my tales.  And when "our song" plays on my phone and I know it' her, my eyes fill with tears every.single.time.  So, y'know, I'm passing our song around again.  Because every single child deserves a mother like mine.

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