Monday, July 20, 2015

Monday Musings

Good Morning fair reader!

I have a bit of time this morning before the day gets into full swing and I thought I would spend it with you all. I am working on a project for school for my last class before Internship but since I promised to give someone a ride home from work, I won't get back to it until after. I really do not like getting interrupted once I am on a roll. And yes, I have children but the little (hahaha, little) guys know that and the older ones are good. We are very lucky to have four great boys who love one another and can be helpful to each other when need be.

Today marks the beginning of our last 11 days of summer break with Red and The Gamer. I must say that this is the first year that I am truly sad. It sounds bad to say but you don't live in our world. Usually by now I have broken up countless fights and dried many tears but this summer has been very different. So by now, I am usually ready for August 1 so I can catch a break from the chaos but with the constant growing up they're doing they are changing. So it is the usual in the Little Professor tormenting the Little Prince but both of them adore having Red and Gamer here so they are playing computer games together and getting along. There have been teenaged pranks but nothing harmful. I am currently awaiting to see the payback from the sharpie moustache that Little Professor drew on Red. It has been explained that you get what you give.

I plan on enjoying the time we have left. Life is about to get busy. This will likely be my last summer off for quite some time and the kids aren't getting any younger. It has been a blessing to have this time to spend with them. It is about time to put my education to work and empower others.

Happy Monday y'all!

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  1. As always, BoBeary, I'm so proud of you. You are an inspiration, not just as a mamabear but as a stepmom. I love the way you love them boys. Please send them my love as well if it doesn't squish anyone's toes.

    As for your school work, I don't think anyone could possibly be as excited as I am to have you enter the social work field as I am. Because of what we went through with Joshua and the "punishment" that was dealt, I think it will do my heart some good to know that there are good guys out there who genuinely want the best for kids. And who have a common sense and realize not everyone's house is good going to look like a 3 page spread from Midwest Living. AND, I think it will do YOUR heart so good to help you heal after what we all went through as people who love Joshie Mark. I think you will be mf'ing fierce when it comes to protecting abused children and helping moms who are caught in a situation like mine wound up being. Love you. So.Proud.Of.You.BoBeary.