Friday, July 24, 2015

Friday Five- more feelings

I feel like last Friday's five lightened my heart and soul a bit so I am going to do it again. Once again here are my Five feelings from this week.

1) excitement - I received my potential field placement assignment for my internship. I have a year of internship before graduation.

2) relief - my tests came back normal

3) overwhelmed- we had a huge assignment due on Tuesday and I was down to the wire in finishing it.

4) stubbornness - that one is with me always

5) sadness/longing - cheating? Who cares it is my post so if you don't like it then get your own blog. I miss three guys in my life. Two of them have gone to heaven and one is just gone. It is hard to think about never again seeing the people you loved so much. They shaped my life in ways no one else could.

A word about #2, please get your regular checkups and be good to your body. I have breast cancer in my Mom's side of the family so I had my first mammogram at 25. The VA decided that was good enough. So two weeks ago, when I found a lump, I decided to call my civilian doctor. They told me I was supposed to be having annual exams since 32 because my aunt was diagnosed at 42. The doctor confirmed something was there and sent me on to the specialist. There is nothing like waiting two weeks for that when it runs in the family. Thankfully the doctor at The Rose did not make me wait for results because I was quietly scared to death.

He said, "I could tell you to cut down on your caffeine. I could tell you about breast cycles and tenderness. But honestly all you will hear is NORMAL. No evidence of cancer. Go home. Kiss your kids. See you in a year."

Get your  screenings people! I am 38 & I have had my BRACAnalysis for genetic mutations of breast and ovarian cancer. I have had a colonoscopy. I have had my mammograms and ultrasounds. The discomfort, missed work, and/or nasty prep is a small price to pay to be around for your family. Cancer runs in families but it also has a mind of its own.

If I am not around to see my babies grow up, it isn't going be because I didn't fight like hell.

Peace, love, & light...


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  1. I am so f'ing proud of you. You know that, right? God gave us you, BoBeary.