Sunday, October 11, 2015

Very Excited!!!!

Well I've been tracking my phone and it's local now, so hoping it delivers tomorrow, so excited about that! My current one's battery sucks and does stuff I don't ask it to do.

New glasses should be middle of the week, hopefully by Wednesday. Excited about them too!

Chris and I got into a HUGE fight Friday night and I ended up taking Sebastian with me to K's house, he loved his treadmill and stationary bike... tired himself out on that Saturday and slept well that night. Then K made huge chocolate chip pancakes... he loved that too!

All is now calm here, I have changed my name on face book and dropped the married last name. Now I'm just who I was before... good ole' plain Cindy Walker. :)

I have a therapist appointment on Thursday. One hour isn't nearly enough to tell her things about my crazy ass life, but a little at a time.

I really need to let CT go, I no longer feel the spark we once had. He's in the middle of a really bad time right now between custody for his daughter and his son's problems. I'd hate to have him get any worse because of me. He's a nice guy and the sex is amazing, but I don't see us going any farther with this, also we can only get together once a week and all we do is eat dinner and have sex... what kind of relationship is that?  It's not according to me... it's so hard to tell him because well I feel bad for him. I don't know what to do about that.

Well time for bed, gotta go to that hell I call work... *sigh* another thing that causes my need for a therapist... some people I swear.

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