Monday, October 26, 2015

Gone and again being forgotten.....

Guess what? K's gone and his excuse for not being able to contact me is "I have to deal with the dog." What the f*#k? It's not like he's watching a 3 year old who will rip up the whole damn house... this dog is so docile!

I am already in my mood like I am whenever he's gone... and I want to cry... I could at the drop of a hat right now. I MUST shower tonight, if I don't do anything else, that is what must be done.

On a positive note, I am trying something I saw online last week:

Now I didn't buy any of their products, I bought what I wanted... I got new eyeshadow, some lip gloss and some Andes candies, which are my favorite mix of chocolate and mint. I am taking a photo everyday and noting what I appreciated about it.

I figured while he's gone I can do something for myself and say "screw him" maybe I'll have more confidence when he gets back... he's gonna be waiting.

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