Friday, April 17, 2015

What a difference......

Hi all.

Wow, the 11th it sounded like the end of the world... but not anymore!

My friend Kevin and I started our weight loss a week early.

I have got to say I've noticed little things different this week... I've been less stressed at work, not to say I haven't but not as much. I have been sleeping better which is weird even for me... I haven't been as tired as I usually am and don't feel as sluggish as I usually do.

I might be on to something here, all those fatty, sugary, caffeine laden products I was eating and drinking to help me get through my day really made things worse. Tonight we had pizza and wings. I only had 2 slices of pizza and 6 wings. I wouldn't allow myself anymore, and you know what I stuck to it!! I ate slower and by the time I was done I actually felt stuffed! Believe it or not, I was full.. someone call the record books. Any other time I'd have scarfed down at least 3 pieces of pizza and all the wings I could fit. Monday is our weigh in and I can't wait!
The last two weeks my boss has been saving my sanity, I've gotten out at noon. So I'll have lunch with a co-worker and then go home. It's a nice break before the weekend job. It's 4 hours less but if I have my sales up it's not a real loss. Even nicer this week since I am off Monday... woohoo!

Just checking in to let others know what's going on and how I am doing.

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